ISPC started first phase of its project for production of Maleic Anhydride, iso-butane and normal butane in 2015.
Production is expected to begin in 2018.
We place great importance on being environmentally friendly and regard sustainable use of natural resources as a responsibility. We have therefore gone to lengths to minimize release of energy and materials as waste. Using butane as feedstock is also in line with latest developments in reducing consumption of benzene.
ISPC is a private joint venture stablished in 2007.
The production plant is being constructed in a 3 hectares area in site 2 of Petrochemical Special Economic Zone in Bandar Imam Khomeini (BIK) in southwest of Iran. The plant is strategically located to allow easy access to BIK's port and international sea routes all around the world.
BIK is the closest port in south of Iran to neighboring countries. Furthermore, through easy access inside the petrochemical zone to one of the main railway routes in Iran, we can serve customers in Turkey and Central Asia through railroad as well
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